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Increase Sales By Dominating Social Media Platforms:

The #1 Social Media Marketing Mistake Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, And Marketers Must Avoid!

We have watched so many marketers making these mistakes on social media that we knew now was the right time to share this secret with them to boost their sales by using social media.

The complete white hat long-term methods to dominate social media and increase sales. And 100% FREE.

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Why Launching Your Sales Efforts Right Now Might be The Best Decision You Will Ever Make...

From the desk of Shaun Mac.

Welcome. This is Shaun Mac, founder Chatammo, and I'm thrilled and excited to share this with you.


Because today I can show you something we have been working extremely hard on, Social media domination, I'm going to show you a system that you can use to launch any offer, product, service, course, or coaching program in any market, no matter how competitive you think it might be.

If you aren't familiar with me, then I'm known for one thing, automating sales and marketing systems.

So far, we have helped hundreds of clients beat their automation, but recently, we have seen great marketers not being found within social media.

Now add that to the problems other marketers face every day, such as trying to get affordable marketing, struggling with organic traffic, or worse still building an email list of tire kickers who get your emails flagged and into the spam sin bin.

Marketing is hard. I get it, you're probably thinking "no surprise there" because marketing has always been one of the most challenging aspects for me as well

- but hear me out on this -

what if we could break down complex tasks into simple steps? What would happen then?!

This is different from the normal crap you might see filling your newsfeed in terms of a pitch fest, fake scarcity, and various other methods you will see out there.

I want you to zoom out for just a little while and listen. This is straight-from-the-heart tried and tested marketing that we have been using ourselves to continue growing our businesses with paid and organic ads.

FACT #1: Your Message Isn't Getting Seen On Social Media

Average post reach on Facebook

The online sales space is booming.

More and more people are making purchases of all sorts on the internet. This is a good thing, as it means that we're living in an age where convenience reigns supreme over brick-and-mortar stores!

More and more people are being connected every day. The internet is only getting bigger, which means that it's never been easier to find an audience for your business or message!

Places like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google Have all of your ideal clients right there, but without your posts being seen then non of them know about your offers. 

Game Changer

Once you get your offers seen by your right prospects it is a complete game changer.

It is the first thing you need to be doing in terms of getting seen, it provides your clients with the highest success rates and so builds trust into its core.

FACT #2: Your Posts Have A Tiny Lifespan On Social Media

Lifespan of a Facebook Post

Because of the tiny lifespan your posts have on Facebook and other social media platforms your offers simply aren't getting seen.

Of course you could spend money on ads but those costs are rising rapidly.

Wouldn't it be better for your business to have an automated organic marketing system in place?

FACT #3: Other Training Just Gives You One Part Of the Jigsaw Puzzle

A complete training on how to use scial media to increase sales

We want to give you for FREE our complete step by step guide, for you to master quickly and easily the exact map of what you need to do to get more sales with social media.

There is no need to sit there trying to figure out slides, videos, membership sites, and funnels.

And most people just quit or give up.

If you go out and talk to a thousand entrepreneurs, 990 some odd number of them are still struggling to get that offer seen organically.

We give you an exact nine-step process that leads you to step by step with your workbook, and videos in place so you have a complete roadmap of where you are going and how to create the perfect offer to your ideal clients.

You do the right things in the right order to get the right result and the right amount of time.

So why am I such a nerd and where did I come up with this?

I was very much like you might be right now I had struggled with marketing for so long and was close to losing my home, that's when I took a step back and realized all of these gurus were only giving one very small part of the puzzle.

There's no playbook, there are no templates, and there's no predictable checklist.

There's just a bunch of people talking about their Ferrari on stage and then saying, Hey, buy my $2,000 product that solves one piece of the puzzle.

A Quick Recap

The complete social domination training

Not only will you get the complete social media domination video training you will also get.

  • 2 weeks FREE no obligation trial of the software we use.
  • Complete guided worksheets
  • The Step by Step Framework to success