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Groovesters Struggling To Get Customers?


The Ultimate Sales And Marketing Platform For Groovesters To Market, Sell And Deliver.

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  • The Exact Groove Profit System Roadmap

    Grovefunnels Profit System
    Groove Step By step Success System
    Proven High Converting Templates


    Proven Templates 

    Easy drag and drop editor

    Drag And Drop Editor

    High converting e-commerce


    E-com Solutions

    Chatbot with upsells and downsells


    Upsells And Downsells

    Built in Email autoresponce


    Best Autoresponders



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    Chatammo review

    Shaun, you have out done yourself with this membership site. Other trainings and memberships I've been apart of I sometimes feel like I'm trying to jump over the river without a bridge. You've put multiple bridges in there for me. Full of information and tips. You make marketing seem doable even for the beginner. Definitely worth way more than the price. (You really have done an awesome job)

    Sandra Soto

    Chatammo Review 2

    "Best Marketing System""

    Well, I have a Chatmatic account, but truly love Chatammo better. It has everything I need to run a successful campaign. Whether it's ecommerce, a hiking company, a fitness company, or anything I set my mind to.Thanks Shaun for building this platform."

    JC Cohn

    Get Lifetime Deal
    No Contracts Cancel Anytime

    "Thank you for my success"

    Because I do not come from a technical background, I didn't know how to begin, but Shaun never failed to make videos that taught us and added value. Within a short period of time, I was making flows and had clients. Shaun has added even more to Chatammo in recent months, making it even more valuable. I've been able to save over $150 by canceling other products, such as a social media posting app and Canva.Additionally, Shaun gave us so many free templates for chatbots and taught us how to use them. Recently, I have gained several more clients to help them create landing pages that lead to their chatbots, which will increase ROI, customer retention, and lead generation.This was all possible because of Shaun and Chatammo!!!!

    Angel Baney

    So, Why A Flow?

    Let’s face it —Your sales funnels aren't converting the way you had hoped, It's great having a sales funnel but unless you have constant traffic running to it your pretty much wasting your time

    That’s Where A “Flow” Comes In.

    A sales flow is like having a whole stack of on ramps to the freeway that is your main sales area, this gets your customers to rush to you with their credit cards poised.


    Why do you need a sales flow

    World Beating Entrepreneurs Have Already Made The Switch

    It’s the difference between making money and not!

    Without Chatammo

  • No Marketing 

  • No List Building 

  • Confused Buying Process

  • Limited To Where You Can Sell 

  • Despaire

  • With Chatammo 

  • Consistent marketing 

  • Huge List Building 

  • Easy Buying  

  • Sell Worldwide 

  • Opposite Of Despair  

  • Do you Like The Feeling Of Despair

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    Not Just A Chatbot

    We have been dealing with those other greedy chatbot platforms for years, and decided we needed to bring something different.

    Yes we have all of the features of those other chatbot platforms but have increased our high conversion options such as complete forms, and so much more.

    And at the same time keeping our prices low, after all we want you to profit.

    So we have also added more high converting templates for you to use straight out of the box.

    Not Just A Chatbot System

    But That's Not All ChatAmmo Does 

    Chatammo Gives You Everything You Need To Imagine, Build, Sell And Profit

    All In One Easy To Use Platform

    Chatammo Gives You 

    Build A Consistent Flow Of Clients 

    We have designed our software to get people from sites like Facebook pages, facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Wordpress, Blogger, And Reddit with our easy auto posting ready to bring them to your offer.

    This means you are no longer a slave to posting, and instead automate the entire process, pleasing the algorithms by posting at the perfect time. 




    Social Sprout

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    With Chatammo You Can Look Forward To 

    70% Higher Open Rates 

    Email open rates have never been so low, but we have found that when we collect "social email addresses" automatically through Chatammo we are gaining 70% more open rates.

    But even that is just the beginning we have integrated the worlds best autoresponders to make sure you have exactly what you need to smash your email marketing.

    What if you don't want to use an autoresponder, after all they can cost a lot of money, we have also included a full range of SMTP servers so that you always have the very best.

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    email integration with chatammo
    Greater sms marketing

    With Chatammo You Get 

    More SMS Platforms Worldwide

    SMS marketing still has one of the single biggest open rates but platforms can be expensive.

    At chatammo we haven't just given you the best value of SMS platforms worldwide (We don't even charge a commission, unlike other greedy owners.)

    But we also give you the option to add your own SMS platform

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    Chatammo Has 

    More Payment Gateways 

    No matter where in the world you are, we have a payment platform for you. 

    Let's face it your into marketing to make money, but trying to collect it can be tricky depending on where you are based.

    Not only do we offer the widest range of payment gateways we also offer manual set up and cash on delivery as standard.

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    More Payment gateways
    Get more from the algorithms

    Chatammo Will 

    Please the Algorithms 

    It's time to stop being a consumer and start being a producer on social media. 

    We all know that your clients are already in social media, we just need to get them to find you.

    Both Facebook and Instagram reward you for having engaged browsers so we have automated the process so that your offers can now be seem by your ideal clients, all at the click of a button

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    Chatammo Will

    Increase Your Offer Reach

    It's time to stop being a consumer and start being a producer on social media. 

    We all know that your clients are already in social media, we just need to get them to find you.

    Both Facebook and Instagram reward you for having engaged browsers so we have automated the process so that your offers can now be seem by your ideal clients, all at the click of a button

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    Get more from the algorithms
    Complete e-commerce solutions

    Chatammo Is

    Your Complete E-commerce Solution

    We have found that many marketers have a huge bounce rate when sending their shoppers from social media to their e-commerce store.

    We have made that a thing of the past with complete integration not only with your website but also directly inside of your Facebook and Instagram messenger.

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    World Class Entrepreneurs Love Using Chatammo

    See For Yourself…

    Chatbot sales funnels

    Upsells And Downsells

    Complete Full Chatbot

    Complete Chatbot System

    Worldwide payment platforms

    Take Payments Worldwide

    Complete e-commerce solution

    E-commerce Solution

    Automated comment reply

    Auto Comment

    Auto reply

    Auto Reply

    Auto responders and SMTP

    Autoresponders / SMTP


    More SMS platforms
    Built in forms


    Delivey points

    Delivery Points 

    Image editing

    Image Editing

    Social posting

    Auto Social Posting

    facebook hidden interst finder

    FB Hidden Interest Finder 

    Kanban To Do

    Kanban To Do Lists

    website compaison

    Website Comparison

    Hashtag research

    Hashtag Research

    World Class Entrepreneurs Love Using Chatammo